From Lawgix Inc to Oliver

Walker White

June 15, 2020

On June 15, 2020, Lawgix Inc formally changed our name to Oliver Technology Corporation. Re-branding a company is not something done lightly: the effort to update all customers, vendors, and the broader market in which you operate is a massive undertaking, even for startup businesses. The effort must be less than the benefit you expect to receive in the future, from the market, and inside your company. In the case of Oliver, it was and is.

When Lawgix Inc was founded, our vision was focused primarily on the collections litigation space. The opportunity to help creditors increase revenue, maintain rigorous compliance, and simplify litigation was and remains a powerful idea. As we built out the capabilities for our flagship product, however, it became clear that the applicability of our idea extended far beyond collections litigation and into other compliant high volume legal servicing. Thus, the first criteria – the future – was met, as we wanted a name that was broader in scope.

Since our founding, Lawgix Inc has also worked very closely with a partner law firm, Lawgix Lawyers LLC. This unique partnership was essential to both businesses, as we were able to work cooperatively to build a solution with direct input from legal professionals well versed in the business we were entering. Over time, however, the “Lawgix” in both our names has created some confusion, as our customers and the market often mistake the software company for the law firm and vice versa. Today, the “Lawgix” name is more closely associated with the innovations of the law firm, so from a market perspective, it made sense to change the software company name.

Finally, about the name. Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. is the inspiration for it. You can read about him here, and as we searched for a new name, we were really taken by his progressive nature and desire to modernize legal approaches. We felt Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. was the right tone for us, striking a balance between the seriousness of our business, the compelling need to change, and a little bit of fun thrown in with his awesome moustache.

At Oliver, we look forward to the next step in our journey, and we welcome you to come along.

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