01The Oliver Advantage

It’s 5 PM, do you know where your collection files are? (Oliver does.)

Oliver is air traffic control for legal collections, providing critical tracking and coordination for safety and efficiency.

01.1Accounts: Tracked

Creditors can see every contact, document, and legal procedure for any case. Reconciliation is automatic. Audits are easy.

01.2Errors: Corrected

Oliver gathers all the facts and documents about a file, eliminating errors and inconsistencies. The platform ensures law firms have everything they need while blocking protected information they can’t see.

01.3Intelligence: Applied

Each file is evaluated based on the creditor’s guidelines and procedures. Oliver eliminates cases that are not suitable for litigation, and then routes each file to the law firm.

01.4Paperwork: Eliminated

No more faxes, emails, or overnight envelopes. Every document is hosted in the cloud and electronically routed where it is needed.

01.5Compliance: Assured

Oliver won’t send files to litigation where the statute of limitations has expired or that are protected by the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. It tracks contact preferences and the frequency of contacts. And it ensures that law firms take all the actions required of them.

01.6Delinquencies: Recovered

Creditors that use Oliver recover more money on more files than they did with their previous workflow. That’s why two of America’s five largest banks trust Oliver.

01.7Results: Optimized

How much are we recovering? How long does it take? What does it cost? What’s our effective recovery rate by state, product, and law firm? Oliver delivers the answers that drive actions and improve performance.

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02Our Story

Oliver was founded by a group of veteran lawyers and software engineers who realized that the traditional collections litigation process was broken.

Every significant participant in our ecosystem—from creditors to law firms, from debt buyers to collections agencies—lacked the crucial information they needed when they actually needed it. Every step of the collections litigation journey took too long and cost too much. Faxes, emails, and overnight-delivery envelopes flew in a jet stream of inefficiency. Teams of analysts labored to reconcile cryptic reports. Balls were dropped. Customers were harassed. Money was wasted. Regulators were angry.

It was this antiquated and frustrating reality that led us in 2015 to begin building a cloud-based platform that would streamline and rationalize collections litigation for all involved.

02.1The Oliver Philosophy

Credit, in our view, is essential to building the economy and making people’s lives better.

Hand holding card

We believe that people who owe money should pay their debts.

We believe that people who owe money should be treated with courtesy and respect.

We believe in due process of the law.

We believe that creditors and their lawyers should operate safely within the boundaries of that law.

We believe that smart, efficient, and compliant collections litigation is a societal good.

02.2The Oliver Vision

Collections processes are embarking on a new frontier where creditors, lawyers, and their service providers are embracing four key principles of collections:

  • Be In Control by battling through disintermediation and owning the conduct of their partners.
  • Be Collaborative with real-time, shared visibility into litigation efforts.
  • Be Consistent with repeatable processes to gain scale, drive volume, and achieve 100% compliance.
  • Create Capacity with insights on how to improve performance and efficiency.

02.3The Oliver Way

Everything we do reflects these values


We value teamwork and listen closely to what our clients tell and ask of us.


We are lifelong learners, seeking new ways to improve our platform, comply with the law, and help our clients.​


We understand that the collections industry can be emotionally fraught—and we craft solutions to ease that pain.


We take our role in collections seriously, striving always to reduce errors and strengthen oversight.


We seek breakthrough solutions that simplify complexities and improve performance, accuracy, and transparency.


We understand that much of the data we handle is personal and sensitive, so security is our top priority.

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