Oliver Wendel Holmes Jr

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

A true inspiration​

Born in 1841 Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. stepped confidently from the long shadow of his father, acclaimed writer and physician Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.  Oliver was profoundly influenced by his experience fighting in the Civil War, and he returned to Boston after the war to pursue a legal career. In 1902, Oliver brought his experience to the Supreme Court. Through his distinctive personality, clever writing style, and landmark rulings Oliver became and remains a popular figure well beyond the chambers of the Supreme Court.

Oliver was known as “The Great Dissenter”, and his approach to jurisprudence consciously sought to reinvent the common law and to modernize legal approaches, making him a hero of progressive thinkers of his time.

At Oliver Technology Corporation, we are inspired by Oliver and his ideas.  Like Oliver himself, we hope to break new ground, forcing old models of thought and work to be reconsidered in the light of a changing world.  Ultimately, we aim to transform legal servicing to everyone’s benefit.

Also, he has an epic moustache.