Recover more. Stress less.

Oliver makes collections litigation more efficient, compliant, effective — and humane.

Oliver is the responsible cloud-based platform for enabling a seamless collections workflow for creditors, as well as debt buyers, law firms, master servicers, legal networks, and collections agencies.

01.1 With real-time visibility into every account, creditors control the process.

01.2 With direct access to creditor files, law firms save time.

01.3 With their preferences respected, consumers are more likely to be compliant.

01.4 With fewer errors and unnecessary delays, cases are resolved efficiently, reducing expenses and increasing margins.

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Built for the consumer-centric age.

Today, consumers in default must be treated like valued customers with money problems rather than wrongdoers to be intimidated.

With Oliver, creditors control every interaction with consumers throughout the collection cycle, down to the language used in the smallest communication.

A new approach based on long experience.

Oliver was created by a team of lawyers and software engineers who knew that the collections-litigation process was broken—and decided to fix it.

Harnessing the cloud to streamline an inefficient process.

Oliver brings all the information that creditors and lawyers need into one always up-to-date database in the cloud.

Eliminating the middleman.

Oliver makes it easy for creditors and law firms to collaborate directly with little administrative overhead. Intermediaries are no longer needed to manage collections litigation at scale. The expert team at Oliver:Services offers the option to centralize workflow and vendor management.

Maximizing recoveries from litigation.

Oliver enables creditors to use litigation on many more files by automating repetitive activity while maintaining rigorous compliance, reducing the cost of recovery. Powerful platform analytics enable creditors to optimize their litigation strategy, further increasing returns.

Oliver is used by two of the five largest creditors in the U.S

Oliver liquidates accounts at four times the rate of traditional default-management processes

Oliver dramatically increases typical collection rates in less than 12 months

Oliver dramatically reduces attorney-to-staff ratios at collections law firms

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