Oliver CLX:
A Revolutionary Collections Litigation Platform.

  • Streamlined Data
  • Automated Compliance
  • Accelerated Litigation
  • Increased Revenue
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Increase Profitability Of Your Litigation Strategy
With End-to-End Oversight And Control

Your litigation strategy needs to produce more revenue at a lower cost with rigorous compliance.

To do that, you need oversight and control of all your internal and external resources throughout the entire process.  Our collections litigation platform gives you unprecedented visibility into an automated litigation process with built-in federal, state, local, and venue-specific laws, rules and procedures.  

As a result, you will accelerate the litigation process, increase revenue, and maintain rigorous compliance.


Increase revenue by efficiently scaling legal filings through orchestration of expensive, repetitive manual tasks.

  • Increases efficiency of pre- and post- placement employees by 4-5 times.
  • Reduces cycle time between parties
    by 80%.
  • Eliminates 95% of errors and re-work caused by manual processes


Automate compliance by codifying federal, state, local, venue and customer-specific laws, rules and procedures.

  • Automatically incorporates current compliance laws and regulations into workflows and documentation.
  • Configures to your Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Audits every action by every party.


Drive collaboration, communication and oversight by securely consolidating the litigation process for all parties.

  • Accelerates strategy based on current visibility of the entire litigation process across all parties.
  • Automates the assembly and redaction of required documentation.
  • Drives efficiency by identifying choke points, increasing accountability and monitoring effectiveness.

Specifically Designed For Collections Litigation

Litigation is by far the most effective collection strategy, but litigation demands rigorously adhering to ever-changing laws, procedures, rules and processes.  That’s why we built our collections litigation platform from the ground up to securely enable high volume legal processing from pre-placement to settlement.

The Oliver Collections Litigation Exchange (CLX) is a collections platform that automates every repetitive step in the process, streamlines communication and provides the oversight you need to make decisions based on current information.

Our cloud-based platform is built around the core processes of consolidation, orchestration, and litigation.


Oliver is committed to driving collections that are fast, cost effective, and fair for our customers, including:

  • Creditors
  • Debt Buyers
  • Master Servicers
  • Collections Law Firms

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