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Executive Q&A with Stephanie Eidelman, CEO of The iA institute.

Why 2 of top 5 Creditors are Choosing A New Paradigm for Collections

WASHINGTON, D.C. – May 19, 2021—Oliver Technology Corporation, the provider of collections litigation software, is pleased to announce an executive Q&A session with Stephanie Eidelman, CEO of The iA Institute.

In the wake of the Hunstein case, we examine how these consumer-centric policies, laws and market conditions are causing disruption and uncertainty in the collections industry. In the interview you’ll hear Walker White, CEO of Oliver Technology Corporation discuss how 2 of the top 5 creditors have chosen a new path for collections that allows them to minimize the impact of these changes.  To protect their brand and reduce operational risk, creditors need to make a paradigm shift from a decentralized approach to a centralized, creditor-driven approach.

In addition, Walker and Stephanie talk about how built-in compliance rules minimizes the chaos that changes, like Hunstein, create.  This solution is a unique collaboration platform for all parties across the collections litigation channel from creditors to law firms, to fourth party vendors.   

Listen to the full interview here.

InsideARM Executive Q&A
Stephanie Eidelman, CEO of The iA Institute interviews Walker White, CEO of Oliver

To hear about this new approach from a creditors perspective, watch our latest webinar with Heidi Staloch, US Bank, Stefanie Jackman, Ballard Spahr, Walker White, Oliver Technology Corporation and Thomas Michael, Oliver Technology Corporation.  The panel will discuss:

  • Why creditors are shifting to a centralized, creditor-driven model.
  • How a free flow of consistent, accurate data is the source of the solution across the creditor’s strategy.
  • What end-to-end oversight and control means for collections and consumers.

This is a three-part webinar series.  Register to be invited to the other two webinars.

Part One: Collectors Perspective

How 2 of the Top 5 Creditors are Poised to Win in this New Paradigm for Today and Tomorrow.

Available On-Demand

Part Two: Regulator Perspective

How Creditors can Align their Strategies to Meet Regulators Future Expectations

June 2, 2021 | 1:00 PM EDT

Part Three: Servicers Perspective

How Creditors can Align their Strategies to Meet Regulators Future Expectations

June 30, 2021 | 1:00 PM EDT

(link this to the webinar on-demand page)

About Oliver Technology Corporation 

Oliver transforms legal servicing by consolidating data collection, orchestrating team collaboration and accelerating litigation strategies on a cloud-based platform with unprecedented automation and compliance.  Our collections litigation platform gives creditors current visibility of their litigation process with built-in federal, state, local and venue-specific laws, rules and procedures.

Designed by experienced collections litigators and in conjunction with creditors, Oliver Collections Litigation Exchange (CLX) provides a complete solution from pre-placement to settlement.  Built around the core workstreams of consolidate, orchestrate, and litigate, Oliver CLX drives increased revenue, rigorous compliance, and simplified litigation, ensuring collections are fast, cost effective and fair.

For more information about Oliver Technology Corporation, visit


Oliver Technology Corporation

Walker White, Chief Executive Officer


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