Collections Litigation Software

Collections Litigation.

Optimize Your Collections Litigation Strategy
For Maximum ROI

If you want to start, expand, or accelerate a collections litigation strategy, Oliver Collections Litigation Exchange (CLX) is a platform that increases compliant collections throughout the legal strategy. Built around the core workstreams of consolidation, orchestration, and litigation, Oliver CLX drives increased revenue, rigorous compliance, and simplified litigation, ensuring collections are fast, cost effective, and fair.



Centralizes Data

The collections process begins with the internal challenge of bringing together all of the necessary data and documentation.  You need a solution that not only consolidates your data, but automatically cleans, updates and repurposes the data.  Oliver CLX provides a centralized, secure repository for all supporting materials, enabling authorized pre-placement, legal, collection, and finance personnel to work more efficiently.

  • Data Centric Approach
  • Content Vendor Hub
  • Security
  • Litigation Master Record


Automates Collaboration

The operational rigor demanded for fair collections is daunting, and the risks are enormous. You need a solution with all federal, state, local, and venue-specific laws and procedures built into the platform.  Oliver CLX orchestrates the entire collections litigation process – from pre-placement to satisfaction – ensuring that your collections are compliant, efficient and cost effective.
  • Modern Automation
  • Compliance Framework
  • Secure Collaboration
  • Servicer Exchange


Accelerates Litigation

Managing the litigation process from notice to judgement to settlement is essential to a good outcome for both the creditor and consumer.  You need a solution that allows you to monitor progress and control the outcome.  Oliver CLX provides complete oversight of the process ensuring that litigation is efficient, compliant and effective.

  • End-To-End Visibility
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Standardized Audit
  • Secure Multi-Firm Management

Additional Benefits


Developed on the most modern technology, Oliver CLX is easily implemented and customized by employees with general technical skills. Avoid the high costs of finding, hiring, and retaining specialized support staff.


Oliver CLX adheres to the most rigorous industry security standards and maintains the highest certifications. Rest easy that your company and customer data is always protected.


Oliver CLX embraces sharing data with other transactional applications and systems of record using leading API technology. Oliver will never hold your data hostage to large migration or integration fees.