On-Demand Webinar:

Prepare for the Influx of Collections Accounts Post-COVID.

Join Walker White of Oliver,
Jeff Shaffer with R.D.S.,
and Adam Parks,
President-elect of RMAi....

Post-COVID promises to bring with it a wave of distressed accounts. Handling the influx will be like drinking from a firehose; expect an increase in accounts, at a rapid pace with a backlog in the courts. To avoid drowning, the collections industry needs to arm itself with three key strategies for 2021:

1. Enhanced Suit-Decisioning Capability
2. Increased Recovery Capacity
3. Optimize Value Recovered

In this webinar, Adam Parks, President-Elect of Receivables Management Association International will moderate a discussion with Walker White, CEO of Oliver Technology Corporation and Jeff Shaffer COO of Recovery Decision Science. Learn how you can apply advanced analytics to predict consumer debt repayment and efficiently scale your litigation strategy to meet increased demand while maintaining rigorous compliance.

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