Oliver Expands Software Engineering Department

Walker White

December 7, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. – December 7, 2020—Oliver Technology Corporation, the provider of collections litigation software, is pleased to announce the expansion of our Software Engineering Team with four new team members: Mariano Estoque, Chris Habgood, Gregory Spies, and Timothy Black.

Oliver Growth Mode Continues

The Oliver Collections Litigation Exchange (CLX) platform is in a significant growth period with an expanding roadmap which includes many innovative capabilities that will increase customer value and support market expansion.

“Top-tier technical team members are always in demand, but even more so for Oliver with the new capabilities that we will be building to add even greater value to our customers.” said Jay Scroggins, COO of Oliver. “We are very fortunate to be able to find such great talent that fits perfectly into our culture, understands our vision, and brings tremendous energy to our mission.”

Mariano Estoque is a software engineer with over eight years of full-stack web development experience.  In four of those years, Mariano was responsible for building, testing and deploying to production.  Beyond his broad experience in legal technology, Mariano has a degree in Biotechnology and spent four years as a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry doing cancer diagnostics research.  For fun, he plays tennis competitively, has visited over 15 countries and enjoys being active in a variety of sports and hiking.

Chris Habgood is a Senior full-stack Ruby on Rails developer with over 13 years of experience in back end development, API functionality and refactoring code for a more maintainable code base.  Chris is a proud Texan married to a Peruvian woman, who is the best cook on the planet.  Chris loves playing pool and eating BBQ.

Gregory Spies has more than an interesting name.  He has led front-end development initiatives and customer facing applications.  Greg is also an avid drummer.

Timothy Black brings to Oliver a background in both software engineering and client requirements development which made him the perfect fit to research and develop implementation plans for future application features.  An ideal day off for Tim includes a round of golf, good food, and drinks with friends.

About Oliver Technology Corporation

Oliver transforms legal servicing by consolidating data collection, orchestrating team collaboration and accelerating litigation strategies on a cloud-based platform with unprecedented automation and compliance.  Our collections litigation platform gives creditors current visibility of their litigation process with built-in federal, state, local and venue-specific laws, rules and procedures.

Designed by experienced collections litigators and in conjunction with creditors, Oliver Collections Litigation Exchange (CLX) provides a complete solution from pre-placement to settlement.  Built around the core workstreams of consolidate, orchestrate, and litigate, Oliver CLX drives increased revenue, rigorous compliance, and simplified litigation, ensuring collections are fast, cost effective and fair.

For more information about Oliver Technology Corporation, visit www.olivertechnology.com.


Oliver Technology Corporation
Walker White, Chief Executive Officer

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