Of INC and LLC

Walker White

November 1, 2019


If you’re building a software business in the legal space, it really helps to have a strong law firm with whom to partner. And such was the dilemma at the founding of Lawgix Inc.

At Lawgix Inc., our vision is to transform legal servicing by enabling parties to collaborate with ease and efficiency on a beautiful product that ensures transparency and compliance.  To achieve that, we build software to consolidate, orchestrate, and optimize high volume, compliant legal servicing. And due to domain knowledge our founders had, we decided to initially focus on collection litigation.

However, to do that effectively, we needed a collections law firm with whom we could partner. The firm needed to be – like us – willing the “break the wheel”, or try new, bold strategies that could fundamentally alter the economics and value that our customers would receive. But trying to convince an established firm to support that effort was a bridge too far.

Thus, in addition to Lawgix Inc., a sister company was born, Lawgix Lawyers, LLC. Lawgix Lawyers, LLC – often just referred to as “LLC” around here – was made up of like-minded attorneys and staff with extensive experience in collection litigation. LLC was anxious to try a new approaches, to experiment with cost structures and business models that could make a material impact on high volume legal servicing and how customers experience it.

And it worked.

From their founding through to the future, INC and LLC are and will remain separate entities. However, their shared history and vision remains, and we hope that the combined value of that long standing partnership will continue long into the future.

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