Accelerate Litigation Strategies.

Litigation Demands Compliance

The byzantine rules, procedures, and laws that surround collections litigation are rife with risks to creditors, with a myriad of federal and state agencies constantly looking for the smallest violation. Oliver CLX automates the safeguards necessary to reduce risk during the litigation process while driving more efficiency.


End-To-End Visibility

Provides Oversight from Pre-Placement to Satisfaction

The legal collections process is a complex symphony of many players and tracking progress is never easy.  Oliver CLX provides end-to-end visibility of your file velocity, easily allowing you to identify choke points in the process to drive efficiency as well as spot checking and auditing the many steps.  Oliver CLX optimizes your business.

Standardized Audit

Captures Meaningful Attorney Involvement

Every action through the litigation process is automatically and meticulously documented by Oliver CLX.  Responding to federal or state requests with immediate, standardized audits allows creditors to litigate with confidence while demonstrating the operational excellence that oversight agencies seek. Oliver CLX lets you collect with confidence.

Standard Operating Procedures

Captures the Art of Your Litigation Strategy

Your internal rules and procedures demanded by compliance can be incorporated and enforced in Oliver CLX.  Eliminating the need to refer to manuals or flow diagrams for approvals, Oliver CLX accelerates pre- and post-placement activities through automation of your unique processes.

Secure Multi-Firm Management

Monitors and Measures Every Servicer

It’s difficult to manage what cannot be measured.   Oliver CLX consolidates all your servicers onto one system whether they are operating within the platform or in their own matter management solution. Oliver CLX also monitors the progress of accounts allowing for better optimization.

Additional Benefits


Developed on the most modern technology, Oliver CLX is easily implemented and customized by employees with general technical skills. Avoid the high costs of finding, hiring, and retaining specialized support staff.


Oliver CLX adheres to the most rigorous industry security standards and maintains the highest certifications. Rest easy that your and your customer’s data is always protected.


Oliver CLX embraces sharing data with other transactional applications and systems of record using leading API technology. Oliver CLX will never hold your data hostage to large migration or integration fees.