Lawgix Becomes Oliver Technology Corporation, Solves Unmet Market Need with First-of-its-Kind Litigation Platform

Walker White

June 12, 2020

A new name and new capital, Oliver broadens market value, speeding litigation process, while boosting revenue and compliance.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – June 15, 2020—Lawgix Inc, the provider of litigation collections software, today announced a corporate name change – Oliver Technology Corporation – to reflect is broadened strategic focus on high-volume legal servicing. Infused with new capital to support significant growth, Oliver solves for a key unmet market need of creditors with its Collections Litigations Exchange (CLX) – an end-to-end, rigorously compliant collections litigation platform that produces more revenue at a lower cost.

“The launch of Oliver marks the start of a new and exciting step in the evolution of our business,” said Walker White, CEO, Oliver Technology Corporation.  “We believe litigation is the most effective debt recovery strategy, but the market needed a technology solution that could scale efficiently and remain compliant and fair for consumers.”

Oliver’s most recent round of financing from existing and new investors closed on May 29, 2020. The company’s investor-supported viability and breadth of offering led to not only a corporate name change, but also completing their business transformation into an enterprise-ready SaaS solution that includes:

A Single Source of Truth for Data: A centralized, secure repository holds all supporting materials, enabling authorized pre-placement, legal, collections, and finance personnel to work more efficiently.

Seamless Orchestration of Entire Litigations Process: By orchestrating the many handoffs, approvals, and reviews, Oliver CLX vastly accelerates the pre- and post-placement processes.

Accelerated Litigation with Complete Oversight: Oliver CLX allows monitoring progress of the entire litigation strategy with built-in Federal, State and Local laws, ensuring the process is efficient, compliant and effective.

“Oliver CLX increases visibility into our litigation strategy, automating state and federal law compliance and creating efficient, auditable communications with our firms,” said Heidi Staloch, Associate General Counsel at a large US creditor.  “The ROI is almost immediate.”   

“Our company namesake is Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., who was known as “The Great Dissenter,” added White. “As a Supreme Court jurist, Holmes was a progressive thinker, who sought to reinvent the common law and modernize legal approaches. Like him, we aim to transform legal servicing to benefit everyone; we hope to break new ground and bring new models of thought to light in an unpredictable, changing world. Also, he had an epic moustache.”

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About Oliver Technology Corporation.

Oliver transforms legal servicing by consolidating data collection, orchestrating team collaboration and accelerating litigation strategies on a cloud-based platform with unprecedented automation and compliance.  Our collections litigation platform gives creditors current visibility of their litigation process with built-in federal, state, local and venue-specific laws, rules and procedures.

Designed by experienced collections litigators and in conjunction with creditors, Oliver Collections Litigation Exchange (CLX) provides a complete solution from pre-placement to settlement.  Built around the core workstreams of consolidate, orchestrate, and litigate, Oliver CLX drives increased revenue, rigorous compliance, and simplified litigation, ensuring collections are fast, cost effective and fair.


Oliver Technology Corporation
Walker White, Chief Executive Officer

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