How it Works

Meet the Demands of the
New Paradigm in Collections.

There is a New Paradigm in Collections.
Are You Ready?

The consumer-centric movement driven by increasing regulations is creating the need for a paradigm shift from a traditional, decentralized model to a centralized, creditor-driven model where consumer preferences are easily integrated into the collection process.

The key factors driving the paradigm shift are:

  • The government is aggressively pushing the industry towards a consumer-centric model.
  • Regulators are requiring creditors to assume responsibility for their vendors.
  • The traditional, decentralized approach puts everyone at risk.  It not only increases compliance risk, but new cases, rules and laws cause disruption and uncertainty in the collections industry.

As a result, the current approach is simply not agile enough to easily adapt to changes that directly impact your bottom line.

Oliver in Action for 2 of top 5 Creditors​

Oliver CLX was built with creditors to meet the demands of a new paradigm where creditors are ultimately responsible for the entire collection lifecycle and all consumer data.  In fact, Oliver’s Collection Litigation Platform innovated the collections litigation strategies for 2 of the top 5 creditors with:

  • Unprecedented automation
  • Built-in Compliance
  • End-to End Oversight

The videos below give you a glimpse into how Oliver CLX works.  Take a few minutes to see Oliver in action.


To fully automate the collections litigation process you need to start with consolidating the account data into one platform that is shared across the channel. See a few examples of how Oliver CLX automates the collections process in this mini demo.


To maintain rigorous compliance, you need a solution that hard codes all the federal, state, local and venue-specfic laws, rules and procedures into a single platform that all parties use across the entire collections litigation process. See how it's done in this short video.


For visibility into the "who, what and when" of all transactions you need end-to-end oversight and control of all your internal and external resources. Get a glimpse of what this could mean for your business in this short video.


Oliver is designed by experienced collections litigators and developed in conjunction with creditors to provide a complete solution from pre-placement to satisfaction. 

Since Oliver CLX is a cloud-based solution, you’ll benefit from our continued development with these experts.  Oliver CLX delivers a cost-effective way to resolve collections that’s easy to scale and provides modern integration with other applications.

Because resolving collections quickly, efficiently, and fairly is what it is all about.

Product Framework

Compliant collections follow a series of interdependent processes, each with its own pace and components. Oliver’s product vision and corresponding roadmap are driven by these interconnected processes across the entire collections’ lifecycle.


Virtually every collection litigation-related activity occurs within at least one of these three processes. Oliver CLX supports the best practices within and across each process.