How it Works

Streamline Collections Litigation
From Pre-Placement To Satisfaction.


Oliver is designed by experienced collections litigators and developed in conjunction with creditors to provide a complete solution from pre-placement to satisfaction. 

Since Oliver CLX is a cloud-based solution, you’ll benefit from our continued development with these experts.  Oliver CLX delivers a cost-effective way to resolve collections that’s easy to scale and provides modern integration with other applications.

Because resolving collections quickly, efficiently, and fairly is what it is all about.


Oliver CLX accelerates the placement process, allowing creditors to put more inventory in the market faster, driving greater returns from the litigation strategy.


Oliver CLX brings unprecedented efficiency to the collections litigation process, from pre-placement to satisfaction, dramatically lowering the cost-to-collect.


Oliver CLX codifies and enforces all federal, state, local and venue-specific laws, rules, procedures, and templates, ensuring compliant collections.

Product Framework

Compliant collections follow a series of interdependent processes, each with its own pace and components. Oliver’s product vision and corresponding roadmap are driven by these interconnected processes across the entire collections’ lifecycle.


Virtually every collection litigation-related activity occurs within at least one of these three processes. Oliver CLX supports the best practices within and across each process.

Guiding Principles

The development of Oliver CLX is specifically guided by principles which reflect the values and character we aspire for our solution to embody. These concepts work in concert with each other to deliver a high level of user engagement.


Software solutions must work together to support the diverse needs of complex businesses. Nowhere is this truer than in collections litigation, as data must move securely but easily between transactional systems, external parties, and systems of record. The days of holding data hostage by system or format are over.


Collections is not just mission critical; it is sensitive and personal. Accordingly, we invest heavily in putting Oliver at the forefront of data security. We believe that organizations should be able to intentionally and granularly control the level of access that meets their objectives.


Oliver puts control in the hands of users by being highly and easily configurable. You can confidently control your experience with the solution. Likewise, Oliver can be configured to meet your needs: whether those are very basic or extremely sophisticated, as your organization's use of technology evolves.


Elegant efficiency is the highest virtue in our collections litigation platform. We always prioritize and retain simplicity when considering the addition of any new functionality to Oliver.


We live in a boundless, wireless world of anywhere / anytime access and mobility is always at the forefront of our mind when we consider our solution; never an afterthought or add-on. Oliver is available on any browser-supported device.

Designed With Your Role In Mind

Above all else, we view everything we do through the eyes of our stakeholders, each one with a unique perspective into what would make using a collections litigation platform successful for them.  From functionality through delivery, we have thought through every aspect of what is important in a great collection litigation platform solution.


Collect more, they say, with less staff and budget. Easily understand the efficacy of your litigation strategy and partner performance.


Collect more, they say, but don't get us in trouble. Quickly monitor and measure compliance.


Meaningful attorney involvement is a must. Focus on the key nuances you're trained for and leave the grunt work to the machine.


So many steps, procedures, rules, and policies to follow. Automation eliminates the busy work.


Efficiency is the key. Your job demands that you reach customers quickly and easily, with the story of their account at your fingertips.