Creditor-Driven, Consumer-Centric Model

Creditor-Driven, Consumer-Centric Collections Model.

It’s no surprise that current regulations are forcing a consumer-centric movement in collections.  What’s new is the paradigm shift in the industry from a traditional, decentralized model to a creditor-driven model where consumer-specific preferences are easily integrated into the collections process.  In fact, 2 of the to 5 Creditors are currently making the shift.

Why 2 of Top 5 Creditors are Making the Paradigm Shift

  1. Government Regulations are increasingly moving the industry to a consumer-centric approach.
  2. Requiring banks to assume responsibility for the conduct of their vendors is the single best way to stretch limited regulatory resources to address consumer protection issues of concern.
  3. The traditional decentralized approach puts everyone across the channel at risk.  It not only increases compliance risk, but new cases, rules or laws cause disruption and uncertainty in the collections industry.  The current approach is not agile enough to easily adapt to changes.  All of which is directly impacting the bottom line.

Learn more about how US Bank is making the shift to a creditor-driven model in the following materials.

  • White Paper:  The Ultimate Guide to Creditor-Driven, Consumer-Centric Debt Collections.
  • On-Demand Webinar: How 2 of the top 5 Creditors are Poised to Win in the New Paradigm
  • Executive Interview: Walker White and Stephanie Eidelman Interview

White Paper.

In this is the Ultimate Guide to Creditor-Driven, Consumer-Centric Debt Collections.  Learn how the regulatory environment is creating the need for a paradigm shift from a traditional, decentralized model to a centralized, creditor-driven model where consumer specific preferences are easily integrated into the collection process.
This paper provides collective insights from speakers in our three-part webinar series to examine this new model from the perspective of creditors, regulators and servicers.  
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The Ultimate Guide to Creditor-Driven, Consumer-Centric Debt Collections White Paper
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In this webinar you’ll hear a lively and insightful discussion on...

  • Why creditors are shifting to a centralized, creditor-driven approach
  • How to ensure consistent consumer data and preferences across the channel
  • What end-to-end oversight and control means for collections and consumers

Executive Interview with...

Stephanie Eidelman, CEO of iA Institute and Walker White, CEO of Oliver Technology Corporation.

This is a brief and insightful Q&A session where Stephanie and Walker Explore a new paradigm in collections.

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