Centralize Litigation Data.

Consolidation Drives Automation

Compliant litigation collections begin with data, and assembling the required customer data, bills, and history from internal and external parties is the first step. Oliver Collections Litigation Exchange (CLX) assembles, organizes and cleanses the data so that it can be easily updated and used in any form in the litigation process to accelerate your strategy.    


Data Centric Approach

Delivers a Single Source of Truth

A data centric approach creates one repository of critical data (customer, company, legal and third-party data) into a single source of truth.  Oliver CLX allows for bulk loading, cleansing and automated redaction of all consumer data. Additionally, Oliver’s security model ensures that only parties with authorization ever see relevant consumer data.


Provides Multi-Layer Protection

Sensitive consumer and corporate data need a coordinated defensive system that works across multiple protocols and applications.  As a leader in data security, Oliver is trusted by the largest financial institutions to protect sensitive customer data and corporate information and maintains rigorous certifications.

Content Vendor Hub

Integrates with External Partner Data

Content for the litigation process comes from many different sources.  Oliver assembles the data and litigation content from all of these sources into a consistent format to create documents. A change in the data automatically triggers document and procedure updates.  Oliver saves valuable time, increases accuracy and ensures compliance.

Litigation Master Record

Establishes the Litigation “Golden” Record

Everyone across the entire litigation process uses the same, unified source of data to make critical decisions on a matter. Oliver CLX provides decision-makers with the right data at the right time.

Additional Benefits


Developed on the most modern technology, Oliver CLX is easily implemented and customized by employees with general technical skills. Avoid the high costs of finding, hiring, and retaining specialized support staff.


Oliver CLX adheres to the most rigorous industry security standards and maintains the highest certifications. Rest easy that your and your customer’s data is always protected.


Oliver CLX embraces sharing data with other transactional applications and systems of record using leading API technology. Oliver CLX will never hold your data hostage to large migration or integration fees.