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A New Paradigm: Creditor-Driven, Consumer-Centric Collections

The Hunstein case is just the latest example of how consumer-centric policies, laws and market conditions are causing disruption and uncertainty in the collections industry. All these changes are designed to protect consumers and regulators are forcing creditors to be responsible for this consumer-centric movement. 

Oliver is announcing a three-part webinar series that will explore this centralized, creditor-driven approach from three different perspectives; creditor, regulator, servicers.

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How to Bake Compliance into Collections Litigation

The new rulings from CFPB will curtail some of the most widely used—and often abused—practices in collections.  Keeping up with federal, state, local and, venue-specific laws, rules, and procedures is a huge cost and risk to manage, and implementing the

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CFPB Releases FDCPA Final Rule with 10 Key Changes

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released its final rule for the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act on October 30, 2020.  The release of the rule promises to bring substantial changes in consumer debt collections practices.  The rule becomes effective one

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Conquer the 5 Failures in Collections Litigation

The Collections Market is currently experiencing the first credit cycle in the CFPB era.  In February 2020, according to the St. Louis Federal Reserve, consumers were expected to default on at least 2.3% of outstanding debt, costing creditors over $325B. 

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From Lawgix Inc to Oliver

On June 15, 2020, Lawgix Inc formally changed our name to Oliver Technology Corporation. Re-branding a company is not something done lightly: the effort to update all customers, vendors, and the broader market in which you operate is a massive

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