About Oliver

Who We Are.

This Is Our Story

It is said that no one in collections planned to be in the business. No one’s childhood dream was to be the head of recovery, a collections agent, a pre-placement administrator, or a collections litigation attorney. And the consumer certainly didn’t want to be “in” this business.

Yet here we all are. And, after many years, we are all good at this work. We are all professional, efficient, and sympathetic.

So, at Oliver, we decided to make this business better for everyone.

Oliver transforms legal servicing by enabling parties to collaborate with ease and efficiency on a beautiful product that ensures transparency and compliance. To achieve that, we build software to consolidate, orchestrate, and optimize high volume, compliant legal servicing. We are here for you, wherever you are in collections.


Like our customers, our team attracts a wide range of personalities. We have deep domain expertise, but we are always trying to learn more. We love technology and the impact it can have, but we keep our focus on the real customer of our solution. We’re all driven to succeed, but we’re humble enough to know there is much to learn from others.

But we’re not all work. With diverse backgrounds, we represent a wide range of individuals, parents, sports fans, philosophers, musicians, and comedians. We are Oliver.


Our shared values guide how we work, how we live, and how we help our customers succeed.


We understand the importance of teamwork and how listening to our clients’ needs can lead to a great idea or the next big performance jump.​


We are passionate about learning new things and use that knowledge to help our clients increase their revenue while maintaining rigorous compliance standards.​


We understand the challenges everyone faces across the collections industry, and we craft our solutions to ease that pain.


We rise to meet the responsibilities we are given and work to make sure our platform reduces errors, increases oversight and simplifies the process.


Our goal is to develop breakthrough solutions that can simplify the complexities of our industry while increasing performance, accuracy and transparency.


We understand that the data we manage can be both sensitive and personal. We make sure that information is secure, accurate and controlled.